Class Requirements

  • Appropriate clothing for exercise (ie. No jeans)
  • Good footwear for outdoor training
  • Men are required to have a protective cup
  • Water Bottle
  • The Focus and Desire to train

Note: The school can provide loaner equipment for class. However students are encouraged to invest in their own gear.

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The Dussack is a training tool for any one-handed, sword-like weapon. Commonly made of wood or metal, this weapon taught the basics of striking with a one-handed weapon, basic movements, and how to conduct one’s self. Nowadays, the most commonly seen dussack is made of a synthetic materials ie.) nylon, and are often wrapped in leather.

The dussack is an entry level weapon.


A lot can be said about the longsword. It’s the Rolls-Royce of the sword world. Everyone wanted one, but in times of war was not usually the first-choice weapon. This weapon embodies the images of knights in armour, master swordsmen, and the medieval period itself, and made up the largest portion of any weapon in Meyer’s book. The longsword is not a crude, brutish weapon. In fact, it took a lot of training to be any good. Finesse, patience, timing, tenacity, and a certain boldness are required to use this weapon effectively.

The Longsword is an entry level weapon.


The dagger is a single handed weapon used for quick thrusts and cuts. It is designed for fighting in close quarters and often incorporates grappling techniques.

The Dagger is an entry level weapon.


Meyer’s rapier system is interesting to say the least. He travelled to further his study of the sword and learned from Italian, Spanish, Neapolitan, French, and German sources.

Compared to later manuals, his rapier is usually seen as more side sword like, arguably because of the large use of cutting. But diligent study of his rapier section will show a well-organized, thought out system like that of the later rapier manuals. This weapon focuses on both cutting and thrusting as well as the use of an offhand dagger or cloak.

The Rapier is an apprentice level weapon.


Polearms are two-handed weapons with long handles. These long reaching weapons were often used by soldiers both against other foot soldiers and against cavalry. Spears, halberds and polehammers are all examples of polearms.

Polearms are an apprentice level weapon.

Single Stick

The singlestick is a slender, round wooden or rattan rod with a basket hilt, typically around 30-36 inches. While often now practiced as a discipline in and of itself, singlesticks were traditionally used as a training tool for basket hilted broadswords and sabres.

The Singlestick is an entry level weapon.