Purpleheart Armoury
Purpleheart is the company that supplies a large portion of equipment in North America for HEMA. Some wooden swords they make can be seen being used by Arya and Syrio Forel in Game of Thrones Season 1.

Superior Fencing
Superior Fencing is another gear supplier for HEMA. They offer very affordable starter kits that can get you into HEMA quickly at a low cost!

Crossed Swords Fencing Equipment
Crossed Swords Fencing Equipment is a Canadian fencing and HEMA supplier. No cross-border shipping means less hassle and lower costs.

Kult of Athena
Kult of Athena sells all things weapons and swords. Plenty of functional swords can be found for sharp cutting testing.

YouTube Channels

Skallagrim is a man of many interests. Guns, games, and most importantly, swords. Check out his channel for great tournament and weapon reviews, as well as tips and general content for HEMA!

South Coast Swords
South Coast Swords are a large HEMA school in the States with proven tournament fighters and happen to be a big importer of Blackfencer Armory synthetic blades for wholesale!

Combat Con
Combat Con is a large event hosted every year in Las Vegas, drawing thousands of competitors and people with an interest in HEMA and sword related things! The channel publishes all the finals tournaments for your viewing pleasure.

Books & Manuscripts
Wiktenauer is a dedicated site for translated (and un-translated) HEMA texts free for use. You may even find ‘The Art of Combat’ and other works by Meyer on here.