HEMA Gear Canada
An online distribution store created to support Canadian and North American Artisans. Their goal is to offer a platform for Canadian or North American historical fencing products to be sold.

Sword Gear
Sword Gear started as a way to raise money for a non-profit HEMA school. All proceeds go to supporting the school.

Purpleheart Armoury
Purpleheart is the company that supplies a large portion of equipment in North America for HEMA. Some wooden swords they make can be seen being used by Arya and Syrio Forel in Game of Thrones Season 1.

Superior Fencing
Superior Fencing is another gear supplier for HEMA. They offer very affordable starter kits that can get you into HEMA quickly at a low cost!

Crossed Swords Fencing Equipment
Crossed Swords Fencing Equipment is a Canadian fencing and HEMA supplier. No cross-border shipping means less hassle and lower costs.

Kult of Athena
Kult of Athena sells all things weapons and swords. Plenty of functional swords can be found for sharp cutting testing.

YouTube Channels

Okanagan Combat Guild
The Okanagan Combat Guild channel has a mix of content including sparring videos and other videos based off of Joachim Meyer’s “The Art of Combat”.

Björn Rüther
Björn Rüther is another avid ‘Meyerist’ and has produced a lot of amazing and detailed content relating to his interpretations on the work. He has also developed an app for the Art of Combat and has been diving into the life and weapons of the lantsknecht of late.

Daniel Pope – Scholar Victoria
Daniel Pope is perhaps king of detailed and instructional videos of HEMA content, again with a focus on Meyer. This channel takes certain techniques and concepts from Meyer’s work and breaks them down in great detail. Definitely worth your time.

Sacramento Historical Fencing Academy
Ted Elsner has deep dived into all the Meyer content out there and has brought a lot of good content to the table. Check out the playlists ‘Rules of the Rostock’ and ‘Quarantined Thoughts’ on their channel.

Books & Manuscripts
Wiktenauer is a dedicated site for translated (and un-translated) HEMA texts free for use. You may even find ‘The Art of Combat’ and other works by Meyer on here.