The Okanagan Combat Guild

About Us

The Okanagan Combat Guild is Kelowna’s school for Historical European Swordsmanship. At our school, you can expect to train in the premier weapons of Renaissance Europes fencing schools, including the rapier, dussack and two handed longsword.

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What Is HEMA?

HEMA stand for Historical European Martial Arts. We are a community of enthusiasts working to revive the lost martial arts of Medieval and Renaissance Europe.

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News & Events

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Moving Indoors!

Hello everyone! As fall deepens we have officially moved into indoor space. We are training out of the Unitarian Church on Cawston Avenue. Our schedule has also changed in order to work around the schedule of the Church. Thursdays and Saturdays…

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Class Schedule

Classes are currently being held at the Unitarian Church

Please note that Saturday and Sunday class times will vary until November and will fall between 11am and 4pm.


Dusack Lv I – 6pm
Longsword Lv I – 7pm


Dusack Lv II – 6pm
Longsword Lv II – 7pm


Dusack Lv I – times vary
Longsword Lv I – times vary

Check for times


Dusack Lv II – times vary
Longsword Lv II – times vary

Check for times

Our Instructors

Adam Ritz

Head Instructor

Adam started his HEMA career in October of 2012. After one class he knew he had stumbled onto something special. Studying under the tutelage of Shawn Oldham who founded The OCG, Adam soon became the senior student in the school, outlasting many who came and went. After a few years Adam began to assist Shawn in running classes, acting as a right hand in the club’s leadership. In December of 2016 Shawn moved away from Kelowna and handed responsibility of the club over too Adam. Adam took on the role of Head Instructor and ran with it. Since then he has expanded classes and is continually working on improving his interpretations of the source material, personal training, and the training of his students.